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Ethnic Spirits, Global Rock

"Motherjane" the band's Guardian Angel -named in homage to the band's belief that music is by far the best and purest drug in the World.

Here are 5 Indian men who picked up blatantly western instruments in something as "confined" as a rock band and yet sound like they’ve found a divine blend between the east and west, in their lives. Motherjane is the sound of a new India and one that is rocking with perfect balance!

"Motherjane is rock music from progressive India. Spiritual, intelligent, proudly honoring its roots & fearlessly questioning its rules. We have chosen our dreams over our fears, putting 100% of ourselves into 1% chances of success and 0% of ourselves into 99% chances of failure...we have chosen what we are '' - Motherjane

MOTHERJANE comprises of :

BAIJU - Lead Guitars
CLYDE - Bass
DEEPU - Rhythm Guitars
JOHN - Drums & Percussion
SURAJ - Vocals & Lyrics

Honored with Best Indie Rock Band in Asia at AVIMA 09.

Rolling Stone names Maktub Album of the Year

RSJ names Motherjane Artist of the Decade

Video of 'Broken' by Motherjane nominated at AVIMA '10

'Tribes of Babel' for Amnesty International released World Wide for PEACE.

With numerous international gigs and international recognition, Motherjane is obviously worth listening.

Located at: Cochin, India . Language: English . Genre:Carnatic Classical & Progressive

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